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Meadows Realty & Construction Co., LLC

404 Ridgewood Avenue, Dundee, Florida 33838

Dear Buyer and Seller,

· Need a Real Estate Broker and Builder?

· Want a Real Estate Broker with over 40 years’ experience?

· Need a Broker who knows Real Estate from A/Z?

· Want an Agent who is available from 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM?

· Want a direct phone line to call 24/7?

· Need to buy or sell any real estate: home, business or grove...?

· Need a builder qualified to build a tiny home or mansion?

· Need land to build your home on or business?

· Need your home or office remodel or project manager?

Want to save $ 9k when buying real estate?

Want to get more $ 10k more when selling your real estate?

Want to sell your home in 30 days?

Want to pay 1.5% commission to sell your home?

Need to get a letter of approval for a mortgage?

Need real estate consultation without pressure to buy?

Need answers to other quesions, write them down and call. Now! 

If you want or need these things or more call hot line 24/7 863-287-5981  

     [email protected]    (863) 287-5981 

      WHY hire a Real Estate Broker? Because he knows how to play the real estate game and win! He represents you in your real estate deals. He gets you more money when selling and a lower price for you when buying. You have a direct phone number (863) 287-5981to him. He keeps you informed all the time. Guaranteeing to sell your real estate in sixty 90 days. If not, he will reduce his commission twenty-five 25%. He knows real estate A-Z with fifty years’ experience.

    BENEFITS: He has no extra fees which saves you money. Fifty years’ experience in sales and negotiations to save you money, guaranteed sale in sixty days or he will suffer a penalty of 25%, quality, integrity. His word is his bond. Call direct number 863-287-5981 night and day. Best time to call 5 AM to 12 PM.

   HELP: I He needs your help to find Buyers & Listings in your neighborhood. You might have a neighbor, friend, relative or even yourself who plans to buy or sell their home, lot or business. Call 863-287-5981 or visit his website.