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August 2, 2013

Posted on August 4, 2013 at 6:52 PM Comments comments (11)
August 2, 2013
To: Town Manager
From: Waymon Meadows
Re: Park and dock on Del Lake
First of all it seems wrong to even consider putting a public dock behind my property? 
The only logical way to get to the dock would be a road is through my property.  This would create an invitation for thieves to burglarize my property and make it more difficult for me to rent my property.  When the road is closed I plan to put up agate to secure my property.
Next, Wachovia owns all the rest of the property to the East.
In addition, the cost would be extravagant and we cannot afford it until the economy gets better unless we can get a large grant for the project? I believe we need more things at this time like 10,000 trees to beautify our community and bring people to Dundee.  We have started with the oak trees…
I suppose Linda Riner Mizell came up with this idea?  If some agreement was made for the property owners (Lake Dell Properties LLC)  to give this isolate property to the town in lieu of money as required by the development code, it only creates lots of hurtles for the town to go through at great cost to the people of Dundee.  Wells Fargo bank owns all of the property to the East of my property and unless we work out some type of agreement more problems will be created.
In my opinion it is the type of thinking that has created so many problem and expense for our people. It has created lot lawsuits with such poor leadership. It is time to stop such myopia vision for Dundee and create a long range plan or good Vision Plan.  We need to think things out before jumping in to this mess.  I know when I have done this it cost me lots of money.
The most desirable thing for Del Lake would be a dock and boat ramp located at the West end  Main Street, but we cannot afford it.  We have two docks on Lake Menzi and a boat ramp.
It would be my suggestion to accept money from the developer and build a boat ramp on Lake Marie where we have lots of property and leave this isolated property to the present owner.
Also we need to plant 2000 oak, pine, and palm trees around the waking path instead of creating another unwise project at this time.
Thanks for your consideration in saving the people money and utilizing our assets better.
Lake Dell Properties LLC                                                                                         Wells Fargo Property