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Dundee-no parking, car lot & restaurant, cemetery, and no statue

Posted on July 18, 2013 at 7:39 PM Comments comments (16)
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Dundee-no parking, car lot & restaurant, cemetery, and no statue
By Dr. Lafayette Granger
Is Dundee telling business we do not want you by unwise decision by the town council? It seems that good intentions created by the leadership in the past have been very unwise. One example is parking requirements. Another is that a car lot and restaurant cannot exist together.
Yet other councils think outside the box; allow a car lot and restaurant next to each other. Centre College and a Chinese restaurant are compatible in a community but not in Dundee, Florida.  Why?  See article on internet: Chinese Restaurant by Chevy car lot. A business is closed and now for sale because of a former town council member and her husband was against a car lot in Dundee. When a business wants to start in Dundee it is very negative.  Past employees have been terrified by a town council who wanted to create a perfect community.  It must be protected from the undesirables.The only person in America that believes in free enterprise is the mom and pop businesses and they fight city hall who wants them to comply with impossible ordinances or invest thousands that they do not have to start a business. The only solution is to elect town councils with commissioners that think outside the box and manger’s who use common sense instead of hiding behind unwise policies created that is impossible to comply with and make changes immediately.  Most ordinances are only are only cookie cut from other cities instead of creating ordinance that work for Dundee.
One person said,” We need to throw the parking requirements out the window.”  I believe we need to do the same with business compatibility and start over if we want new business downtown.
Dundee is only a town to pass through for managers who leave at the first opportunity and it is the same for dead citizens,  because there is not even a cemetery overlooking a beautifully lake to be buried in.  Dundee does not want a cemetery but we could have just one statue of its founding father; McKenzie.