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Meadows Realty & Construction Co., LLC

404 Ridgewood Avenue, Dundee, Florida 33838

Meadows Realty and Construction Co., LLC


Waymon knows Polk County Florida. He was born in Auburndale, raised on Plymouth Road. He now lives in Dundee; in the same house over forty-years; been Mayor of Dundee. Knows every town in Polk County: Alturas to Winter Haven. His extensive experience in real estate and being a state builder helps him make a wise decision. Knows financing and closing statements. Waymon or BigW will hold your hand from start to finish- buying or selling your home, lot; other real estate. After closing you have his direct phone number. BigW gets calls from customers he sold forty years ago. 


Waymon started a construction company, building 100 single-family homes at a time in Polk County. Has vast experience in business to create solutions like a bridge-loan using equity from your present home to buy another home in Polk County or Canada. He can have homes for sale on MLS sent by email daily, allowing you to search for your dream home. He has designed and constructed a warehouse, commercial buildings, communities like Spanish Haven in Winter Haven, The Bluffs in Dundee, and other locations.

Make the Deal

Waymon knows how to deal with buyers, sellers, investors, and banks. He knows homes, from footer to roof… If you want a single-family home, commercial or investment property Waymon is your guy. You will find a friend who will be honest with you. Does not want to put his real estate sign in your yard and hope to get other listing in your area. Will give you the good, and ugly things about your real estate and advice to help it sell for more money. Will not list your home knowing is will not sell for the listing price and pressure you to reduce the price when no one comes to see your home. 

Closing the Deal

Will be your advocate at the closing table. Waymon knows the trick of the sharks in the trade. Attorney Stephen F. Baker, Lamanda Jones, Sid Porter former bank president and owner of investment properties in Lake Wales. Lamanda is President of Realtor Association to help with any problems. Steve is the best real estate attorney in Winter Haven. Waymon is easy to work with; will always look out for you. His motto, “I would rather give a client a dollar than to beat him/her out of a penny.


Work, work, work; love family, country, caring for neighbors motivates Waymon to help people buy and sell real estate. He knows this is the best investment for people. It helps everyone; some from rags to riches. He knows every piece of real estate increases in value. Buy a cheap house, keep it repaired and it will sell for much more than you paid for it. Caring motivates Waymon. Loving real estate has blessed his family. He has always been a winner and climbed high mountains to success. Setting a pole-vaulting record while in Auburndale High School which stood for twenty (20) years! The impossible takes only a little more time... “Is anything too hard for the Lord.” 


Waymon lives in paradise blessed by God. Judi, his wife, Jenny, one of his ten children, planted 500 pine trees and 50 Live Oak trees years ago on their property; they now are thirty feet high. He spends lots of time gardening and cooking healthy meals. Starting plants from seed in a hot house. Growing Fl. 47 tomatoes, Gourmet Lettuce, Marigolds, Mustard & Turnip greens, herbs & more…

Mission & Mayor

He served a mission for church, loving every minute for two years in Oregon and Washington state. He believes paying tithes and offerings is an honor and responsibility to help build chapels and the poor. Serving as mayor of Dundee helped neighbors, whom he considers brothers and sisters. He will help you even if you never give him a listing or buy a home from him. If you want to know the value of your property call and he will let you know what it is worth. No obligation.